Follow $kip! as his popularity and stardom fizzles between pre-roll ad lengths.

1 min gone in $kipty seconds

“Where is $kip! now?” It’s a question a lot of people are asking. You’re gonna have to watch more than 5 seconds of this video to find out the answer.

30 sec $kip!: rock star hero to 5 second zero

How did online video sensation $kip! go from rock star hero to 5-second zero? This is one video you won't wanna skip!

15 sec $kip!: 15 seconds of fame

Everyone gets their 15 seconds of fame. And online video sensation $kip! was the same. But is he yesterday’s man?

6 sec What can you even say in six seconds?

This 6-second video about the rise and fall of the artist formerly known as $kip! will be over before you’ve even finished reading this sentence. Better start it again!

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