Sprint Takes GumGum's 'Breakthrough' In-Video Ad Unit In Beta For A Spin


Sprint began beta testing in November an alternative to pre- and mid-roll video ads introduced Tuesday by GumGum, a technology and artificial intelligence company specializing in advertising and media.

GumGum’s In-Video ad unit, a first for the company, aims to improve the user’s experience first, as opposed to inundating the viewer with intrusive pre- and mid-roll ads.

Nikki Neary, VP of digital at Horizon Media, supporting Sprint, describes the In-Video ad unit, when it appears on desktop or mobile, as an animated overlay on top of the video content. It serves up for six seconds in the lower third portion of the video.

“It’s similar to a little bug that appears at the bottom of the screen when you watch a sporting event on television,” she said. “It really feels as if the consumer needs the experience to be rewarding, and it’s an opportunity for Sprint to stay ahead in the race for that attention.”

Sprint’s campaign focuses on branding. To prove success, Neary said the agency will look at brand lift metrics and compare them with more traditional ad metrics like ad recall and brand favorability, as well as content such as traditional vs. banner ads.