3 Key Things CMOs Should Know Before Becoming CGOs


My experience as a CMO was brighter than the picture Harvard Business Review paints, but some things resonate. Like most marketers, I had a privileged understanding of the market, brand needs and value proposition but no way to apply my insights to strategy, product and sales decisions driving growth. That puts CMOs in a challenging position since most are measured against growth. It’s a core reason average CMO tenures are the briefest in the C-suite. Meantime, cross-departmental growth officer titles are popping up in corporate organizational charts.

Sales and marketing need to be more closely integrated. The chief growth officer position appears to perfectly embody that integration. Despite numerous articles detailing the role’s function, I found little about what making the transition from CMO to CGO might actually entail—and, more importantly, what the practical benefits might be.

Six months into my role as CGO, here are a few insights into how and why companies can benefit from putting a CMO in charge of growth: