Brands Saying Bye to Facebook Don’t Need to Say Bye to Their Audiences

Brands large and small are taking a break from Facebook -- and for good reason. In this time of great social responsibility, we as advertisers and brands, must do more. Because, with vast, far reaching audiences, brands have influence. Pulling ad dollars from Facebook and holding the platform accountable to #StopHateforProfit sends a powerful message -- not just to Facebook, but also to anyone trafficking in hate.

But sending that message shouldn’t require that you sacrifice your voice. And it doesn’t have to. GumGum is equipped to bring your brand back to the audiences you stepped away from when you signed off Facebook yesterday––with industry-leading contextual advertising solutions that deliver powerful performance, better safety, and expanded reach, all in an inherently ethical package.

We Lead in Contextual Expertise

Let’s get your audience back! At GumGum, we have an upper hand in contextual targeting. For over a decade, our computer vision and natural language processing technology has enabled us to effectively target users based on the content they are most interested in. We will place your brand messaging within relevant content across our carefully curated premium publisher network, ensuring not only that you’re reaching your audience but that you’re doing so when your audience is most receptive.

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Always Suitable

GumGum's contextual intelligence technology, Verity, holds a unique advantage over other solutions for safely targeting the right audiences. Rather than simply flagging keywords, Verity employs natural language processing and computer vision to read between the lines for a complete understanding of all the text and imagery on a page. That means we can ensure that your ads are placed around content and on publisher sites that not only suit your brand, products and your customers, but which also align with your brand ethos. With GumGum’s contextual technology, you’ll never have to choose between reaching your audience and worrying that your ad dollars are supporting something you don’t.

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Nothing Succeeds Like Excess

At GumGum, our success depends on our clients’ success––and we always go the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations. Unlike Facebook’s perfunctory reactive customer support, GumGum’s service is backed campaign start to finish by highly-engaged full-scale account management and programmatic teams. From the initial brainstorm for the campaign to running the ad unit, we provide targeting expertise, produce award-winning in house creative, and have dedicated account management and programmatic teams to respond to client queries and optimize campaign success.

Your ads will remain safe, suitable and ethically sound in our hands.

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