connect to GumGum's premium demand via header bidding

Header Bidding

Turnkey monetization solution

Easily deploy GumGum's header bidding solution in minutes. Our dedicated engineering support team will guide your through our simple set up process. Get live in under 24 hours.

  • premium demand

    Tap into 60 DSPs and direct demand from our Fortune 100 clients. We run best in class campaigns through agencies and PMPs.

  • superior technology

    With an average response time between 150 – 400 milliseconds, GumGum keeps your ad auctions running fast. Don't fret, our automated real-time detection technology scans for bad practices.

  • high revenue

    Increase fill and revenue from a transparent demand source. Our direct campaigns ensure higher CPMs.

Just looking for the header bidding container? here ya go.

Prebid.js offers free and open source solutions to quickly implement header bidding.

  • GumGum's header bidding solution with Prebid.js has enabled our publishers to seamlessly integrate numerous sources of demand along with GumGum's own direct demand in unique, impactful ad experiences. Implementation was incredibly easy and has helped further our lucrative relationship

    Eric Hochberger, Founder - Mediavine


Header bidding 101

Learn everything that you really need to know less than 5 minutes.