The Visual SUPR HWY


Explore how everything from Instagram and Periscope to virtual reality (VR) and image recognition can help automotive marketers make the most of today’s shift in consumer behavior. This guide is jam-packed with insightful articles, interviews and how-tos that can be applied to any brand.

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What's inside

  • How auto brands like Volvo, MINI Cooper and Audi are using VR in their marketing initiatives
  • How 2 media directors from Hudson Rouge and Amnet approach digital advertising for cars
  • A recap of the most visual car ads of all time from brands like Bugatti, Chevrolet, VW and Chrysler
  • A look at today's new set of visually driven marketing tools such as augmented reality (AR) and behavioral targeting
  • How Hyundai and BMW are using visual storytelling to connect with consumers
  • 5 things you didn't know about image recognition and how it can supercharge your marketing strategy
  • Expert tips on making Pinterest car boards pop by Pinterest influencer Daniel Bear Hunley (1.6M followers)
  • The top auto accounts to follow on Pinterest and Instagram

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