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How our technology works

GumGum’s AI solutions help dentists see more issues, earlier. Our state-of-the-art X-ray analysis recognizes dozens of dental pathologies, allowing practitioners to spend more time with patients and better explain their treatment options.


  • Superior patient

    Our unbiased ai system was trained by dentists from around the world to give patients more information on their diagnoses.

  • Lightning-fast
    data entry

    Our system handles auto charting and creates medical and legal records in a matter of moments. We can even automatically annotate evidence for billing.

  • Optimize practice

    Dental practices can generate on-demand performance reports that detail where associate doctors are missing things, and where the opportunities in the patient pool are.

Trained on millions of images annotated by global leading experts in dentistry, we can identify dozens of top pathologies with greater accuracy.



    Our platform can instantly identify dozens of typical pathologies with three times the accuracy of the average dentist. And it doesn’t just find issues, it helps doctors explain predictive statistics to patients—leading to happier, healthier smiles.


    AI is only as good as its training data. We individually tested and verified thousands of dentists around the world, and only the best made it onto our team of expert annotators.


    Our system gathers live feedback from leading doctors and universities around the world. With new capabilities added each month, our pace of improvement is unstoppable.

Our products

Gumgum Dental

Second opinion

In the world of dentistry, flawed or inconsistent X-ray readings are all too common. That's bad for patient trust—and can even put a dentist's practice at risk. That’s why we developed Second Opinion—a computer vision platform that can instantly and reliably identify dozens of common pathologies. Trained on X-rays annotated by a team of world renowned dentists, our system gives dentists and patients the peace of mind they deserve. And it learns from dentists’ live feedback, so the system is always getting better––making Second Opinion the only one you'll ever need.

smart margin

Creating a perfect dental restoration is a complex process. It requires that technicians examine digital models and manually mark where tooth and restoration meet. Margin marking is a time-consuming, error-prone exercise. Mistakes result in unusable restorations—and wasted time and money for all concerned. But help is here. Our AI-powered technology is revolutionizing the dental restoration process. Smart Margin has been trained by dental professionals to instantly execute margin marking with super-human accuracy, saving serious time and expense for dental labs and their clients.

Gumgum Dental

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