Over the past year, people have come to live their lives online in ways that feel more immediate and more urgent. We connect to our colleagues and our peers online. We reach out to the larger world through content and social media. For marketers, navigating this new and more intense relationship between content and personal expression is fraught with opportunity and challenge.


That’s why, this week, we’re launching Contextual Insider, a new online magazine to help you navigate a fast-changing online world at a delicate time. We’ll provide news, features, and intelligence about the pressing issues most likely to affect your job: new privacy regulations, navigating a cookieless internet, contextual advertising innovation, AI in marketing, and more.


GumGum has provided high-quality content to the media and marketing industries for years through its research papers, webinars, and guides. This portal will also bring all of that together in one easy-to-navigate hub that combines the research you’ve come to rely on with a new layer of insight from the industry experts and thought-leaders that only GumGum can reach. But more than that, we hope it will help serve a wider mission by helping brand marketers, media buyers, publishers, and partners make the web a welcoming place for people who need it now more than ever.


We hope you’ll return weekly to discover new content or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to have it delivered straight to your inbox. And, of course, intelligence is a two-way street. If you’re interested in joining our Context Intelligence Panel, our roundtable of industry leaders that we’ll turn to for improved insight, please email us here.


We’re looking forward to the conversation.


Phil Schraeder, CEO