Contextual targeting has been around for a long time. However, with the increasing advancement in contextual capabilities, coupled with the recent privacy revolution and the inevitable demise of the cookie, it has had a profound resurgence in the ad tech industry. 


Contextual targeting has grown by leaps and bounds - now, it goes beyond just simple keywords to a far deeper understanding of the page, user interest and intent. GumGum's contextual intelligence engine, Verity™ scans text, image, audio and video to derive human-like understanding and place brand messaging in contextually-relevant, suitable environments where user interest is highest. And, it does all this without any reliance on third-party data. 


As users rightfully demand more privacy, contextual targeting gives marketers the reassurance that consumers are not only targeted efficiently, but they are also protected. Plus, with increasing global growth, it's clear that contextual is here to stay.


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