We’ve partnered with White Ops to bring the world’s most robust fraud prevention product, MediaGuard, to our entire exchange inventory because our clients deserve the safest programmatic experience possible.


For too long, nobody has seemed clear on who is responsible for safe programmatic advertising. Many have pointed the finger of responsibility at brands and agencies. They have the most skin in the game, that thinking has gone, so preventing fraud and ensuring brand safe placements is their job. Advertisers have pushed back. It’s safe placements and human impressions that they’re paying for and if that’s not what they’re getting then it’s up to the people selling the ads to fix it. Publishers have responded that inventories are what they are: Take them or leave them.


All this has left everyone floundering in a programmatic sea, grasping at a dizzying array of third-party safety vendors and platform protocols promising to keep them afloat — and staying afloat requires a whole bevy of safety solutions, each providing a different kind of security. Safe programmatic is an inefficient, ungainly, and expensive enterprise.


That’s why we went all in with White Ops. By adding its best-in-class anti-fraud solution to the pre-bid anti-malware and contextual brand safety solutions that are already integral to GumGum’s programmatic exchange, our advertisers and publishers no longer have to wonder who is responsible for ensuring their programmatic ads are safe. The answer is simple: We are.


With White Ops integration, we can ensure that virtually 100 percent of the impressions we offer across our exchange will be seen by real live humans. With Ad Lightning, we can ensure that the creatives we serve are compliant and secure. And with our own patented multi-modal computer vision/natural language processing content analysis, we’re giving advertisers the only pre-bid solution on the market that scans images and video as well as text for contextual brand safety.


So everyone we work with in programmatic can stop grasping at straws and pointing blame. We’ve made safety our responsibility. Plus, we’re serving the most comprehensively safe inventory at no extra cost. Because — let’s be honest — it’s responsibility for the price of safety that nobody has wanted to pay — until now. Whether it’s bots, malware, or damaging content, GumGum’s got you covered.