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Why It Works

Our proprietary computer vision technology scans images and videos across multiple platforms, allowing you to place contextually relevant ads where users are most likely to see them.

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    We Get the Full Context of the Page

    We use computer vision to scan images, videos and the content that surrounds them—across millions of pages all over the web.

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    Ads You Can’t Miss

    Ads are integrated within visual content, where our technology knows that customers are paying the most attention.

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    A Higher Standard

    Our highly visible ad placements are 70% more viewable and generate 7x more engagement and 37% higher brand lift than the industry averages.

How we process images

* Source: Moat and Millward Brown.

Solutions With a Vision

We invented In-Image advertising, but offer a complete suite of advertising products to achieve your campaign goals. Our offerings include a variety of impactful display, mobile and video solutions. All formats are CBA compliant.

Ad solutions

See the Difference

Our contextually relevant ad units are embedded directly into premium editorial content that the user is already paying attention to. We don’t load ads until the relevant content comes into view. As a result, we consistently achieve an 88% viewability rate. Here are some of the other things we found in our most recent Tobii mobile eye tracking study:

  • 2x More Attention

    Subjects spent twice as much time viewing GumGum mobile ads as compared to their standard display ads counterparts.

  • 3.14x Higher Engagement

    GumGum units were twice as effective, and captured 3.14x more attention than standard display ads.

  • 50% Higher Brand Recall

    GumGum unaided brand recall was 50% higher than standard display ads units. Aided brand recall was 14-26% higher.

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After partnering with Placed, we quantified the impact of omnichannel ads on hotel visits for a leading hospitality chain. Results found that our ads drove 148,000 new hotel guests, finishing within the top quartile across all other partners throughout the campaign flight.

  • 2.47% CTR

    0ver 20x higher than the 0.12% industry average.
    (Standard display ads)

  • 77.30% Viewability

    24.5% higher than the 52.8% industry average. (MOAT)

  • $4.73 Cost-Per-Visitor

    Lowest cost-per-visitor across all channels.

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Brand Safety

Traditional approaches to brand safety rely strictly on analyzing the text that appears on a publisher's site. We leverage our AI to detect unsafe text and imagery, allowing us to deliver ads in brand safe, contextually relevant environments.

Text analysis Image analysis
See the Aftermath of a Plane Crash on California's 405 Freeway

Two people were injured after a small airplane crashed onto the 405 Freeway in California on Friday, officials said.

Video footage of the crash shot by someone inside a car showed the plane teetering toward the ground and bursting into flames upon crashing onto the freeway.

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Working With Us

Whether you’re on the programmatic path or working direct,
our media team will be there at any hour.


Activate our direct ad formats with clear-cut targeting parameters. We'll provide top-notch service and insights for the duration of your campaign, and beyond.


GumGum operates as a Supply Side Platform (SSP), available programmatically from leading Demand Side Platforms. We offer a brand-safe marketplace with fixed price options, along with contextual and audience data. Last but not least, our traffic is scanned for fraudulent activity and content through a partnership with WhiteOps.

  • Google DV360
  • AppNexus
  • theTradeDesk
  • Amobee
  • Verizon Media Group
  • DataXu
  • MediaMath


This campaign was designed to help Garmin deliver superior performance while not interrupting the user experience.

  • 1.1M
    Unobtrusive Ad Impressions
  • 3.2%
  • 72.7%

Fleischmann's Yeast

FLEISCHMANN'S YEAST wants baking to not only be a hobby, but also a passion to consumers. GumGum built custom In-Image units to reach the targeted audience of W25-49 who are "scratch enthusiasts" and/or bakers.

  • 42%
  • 0.42%
  • 8.2%


MAZOLA wanted to educate consumers that corn oil helps lower cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil. GumGum built custom In-Image units to reach the targeted audience for MAZOLA of W25-54.

  • 0.42%
  • 10.4%
  • 45.46%
    Attention quality

The straightforward guide to in-image advertising

Learn how brands such as T-Mobile, Lufthansa and Snickers can use In-Image ads to meet their goals.

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In-Image Advertising