Analyze digital media in a whole new way

For 10 years, GumGum has perfected its content analysis capabilities, using the latest in deep learning technology.

That’s why our contextual intelligence platform is the only one that scans text, images, videos and audio when evaluating online content.

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Make sure your ads are seen in all the best places

Drive attention with beautiful, dynamic ads served where users are most likely to see them.

Our contextual technology uses computer vision and natural language processing to scan images, videos, audio and text.

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Scan sites for relevant or risky content before your ads are served

Verity™, the contextual intelligence at the heart of our platform, identifies and analyzes content based on your category preferences and guardrails.

It delivers a nuanced reading that eliminates unsafe placements while giving you access to the most inventory possible.

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Scan sites to find relevant or risky content before your ad is served
Maximize the value of your sponsorships
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Maximize the value of your sponsorships

Analyze and optimize your sponsorships across live broadcast, social media and digital streaming.

Our one-stop platform empowers brands to increase return-on-investment across their portfolio of sponsorships and enables rights holders to retain—and grow—partner revenue.

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